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School Expectations and Guiding Principles

In order to create an environment

where all students can learn and all teachers can teach,

 Nesbit students are expected to…


At Nesbit School, students are expected to be Respectful, Responsible, Safe and Inclusive every day.  In addition, they actively work daily towards following Nesbit's Lifelong Guidelines Pledge:  "I am trustworthy and truthful and an active listener too.  I will do my personal best and use no put downs on you."



  • Students show equal respect to those in authority including teachers, aides, yard duty, cafeteria personnel, parent volunteers, chaperones, and other adults.
  • Students follow the instructions of teachers and support staff.
  • Students are polite, courteous and demonstrate good manners.
  • Students show respect by listening while others are talking.



  • Students are considerate and kind to one another.
  • Students solve problems in a positive manner using tools such as conflict resolution. 
  • Students express their feelings in a constructive way.
  • Students use proper manners.
  • Students show respect by asking permission before handling other people’s things.
  • Students treat others as they wish to be treated.
  • Students keep hands, feet, and other objects to themselves.
  • Students wear appropriate clothing.
  • Students work cooperatively with their peers.
  • Students come to school prepared to learn.
  • Students are responsible for the decisions/actions they make.
  • Students arrive at school on time and go to the proper location.
  • Students take pride in doing their best work.  They listen to and follow directions.
  • Students have the necessary supplies and complete class assignments on time.
  • Students are responsible for making up missed assignments.
  • Students are not permitted to bring toys and playground equipment from home without permission from their teacher.
  • Students are responsible for their own personal items such as coats, lunch boxes, etc. 
  • Students walk their bikes and scooters on school grounds.
  • Students walk quietly and orderly in school hallways and breezeways. 
  • Students stay out of the hallways during recesses.



  • Students take care of classroom books, materials, and school equipment.
  • Students follow guidelines for appropriate use of technology.
  • Students clean up after themselves and throw away garbage in the appropriate container.
  • Students take care of library books and return them on time.
  • Students respect bulletin board displays and art work.
  • Students use the bathroom appropriately. 



  • Students will take the initiative to include all children, of all abilities, in all social situations.
  • Students wishing to have limited play experiences that may exclude others will have those play experiences at home.
  • Students will only limit the size of games to ensure safety.
  • Students will handle social challenges that may result by appropriately seeking help from an adult after first attempting to handle the situation on their own.

School Rules

Before and After School Rules

  • Students are not allowed unsupervised on school grounds before 8:10 and after 3:30.
  • Students who arrive at school before 8:10 must report directly to the office.
  • Students in grades 1-3 who are not picked up by 2:40 must wait on the benches around the flagpole until 2:50 and then report to the office.
  • Students in grades 4-8 who are not picked up by 3:15 must wait on the benches around the flagpole until 3:30 and then report to the office.
  • Students being supervised by their parents after school must still obey all school rules.

Lunch Rules

  • Students use good table manners and cooperate with the lunch supervisors.
  • Students and adults treat each other respectfully.
  • Students talk quietly with friends.
  • Students eat a nutritious lunch.  Sharing food is not allowed..
  • Students clean up their trash and recycle cans and plastic after they are finished eating.
  • Students remain seated until they are excused.
  • Students walk to and from their tables.
  • Students calmly alert lunch supervisors when problems arise.

Playground Rules

  • Students use the outside bathrooms during recess.
  • Students are responsible for returning all equipment they use during recess.
  • Students use equipment appropriately.
  • Students keep hands and feet to themselves.  Physical contact including tackling, wrestling, karate, etc. is not permitted, even as play.
  • Students do not climb on top of slides, bullet, bars, tunnels, etc. and only go down the slides.
  • Students may play tag on the grass or blacktop only.
  • Students must allow anyone who wants to play to join a game, but if teams are already in place, the new person needs to find another person to join as well so that teams remain fair.
  • Students calmly and peacefully talk out problems using tools such as conflict resolution.
  • Students calmly alert the yard duty if problems arise.
  • Students practice good sportsmanship.
  • Students obey boundary lines.  The red line should only be crossed to go to the bathroom, library, or office.
  • Students eat snack at the lunch tables and are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.

Misbehavior and Possible Consequences

Misbehavior and Consequences

Children are expected to act in respectful, responsible and safe ways every day.  They are also expected to follow school rules. In instances where children are not respectful, responsible or safe resulting in a disruption to the school day, the following consequences may be administered.




These offenses may result in:


  • Restoring Harm through Restorative Conferences or Project
  • Family Conference
  • Reflection Piece
  • Campus Clean Up



Depending on frequency/severity, these offenses may result in more severe consequences as the situation demands.

Making a single disparaging comment about someone’s race, religion, country of origin, sexual orientation, or gender.  Second infraction or a single infraction of severity will be considered a "Major Violation."


Dress Code

Disrupting Class

Unprepared for Class

Minor Profanity

Excessive displays of affection

Off-task classroom behavior

Unsafe Behavior

Minor Defiance






These offenses are major violations of  the California Educational Code and may result in:


  • Restorative Project
  • After School Detentions
  • In-School Suspensions
  • Family Conferences
  • Expulsion


Depending on severity, many of these instances may involve law enforcement as well.


Stealing – High Value

Major Defiance

Destruction of School Property



Major Disruption

Physical Aggression


Falsifying Documents

Bringing Drugs or look-a-likes

Bringing Alcohol or look-a-likes

Bringing any weapons or look-a-likes including any knife

Explosive Devices, including fireworks

Sexual misconduct