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Nesbit Elementary School

    Welcome To Nesbit!

    Nesbit School
    500 Biddulph Way, Belmont, CA 94002
    Phone: 650-637-4860
    , Fax: 650-637-4867


    Robin K. Pang-Maganaris

    Travis Whitebread
    Assistant Principal

    Linda Fonseca
    Administrative Assistant


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    Upcoming Calendar Events


    Wednesday Letter -- 2018.09.19 -- Anti-Bullying Posted 9/19/18
    It's a Party Pre-Order Forms for Food Posted 9/15/18

    Order you food ahead of time for "It's a Party!" if you are planning on eating at our event.  In the past, we have run out of food for those who did not pre-order so be sure to do so if you plan on eating at "It's a Party!"  It's also very fine to bring your own meal and picnic it yourself.


    Volunteers Needed for "It's A Party" Posted 9/15/18

    Sign up here if you are able to help with "It's a Party!"  


    Order Puma Wear through September 21st! Posted 9/10/18

    Order your Puma Wear now! Deadline is Sep 21st (evening of It's a Party). Order online here:

    The Nesbit Puma School Shirt is only $5 with a refreshed design. Our goal is to have every student own a shirt to wear on Fridays. We are not planning to reorder. Any extra limited stock will likely be $10 per shirt. You can order Puma Hoodies and new Nesbit Ohana shirts specifically for adults

    Donate to Nesbit! Posted 9/4/18

    Help bring the AWESOME to Nesbit by donating today!


    Click here to donate or drop off a check to the front desk.

    Nesbit PTA

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    About Nesbit 

    Nesbit is a TK - 8th grade school serving children residing within the Belmont-Redwood Shores School District as well as children living within the Ravenswood School District participating in the Tinsley Program.

    Currently, 686 students and a staff of 70 arrive each day ready to work hard together as a collective team.  

    Mission and Values

    Nesbit School seeks to create a safe, nurturing and respectful learning environment where diversity is valued. To achieve this vision, Nesbit students, parents, and staff work collaboratively to help students acquire a solid academic foundation, build strong character, resolve conflicts, develop confidence, set and achieve challenging goals, communicate effectively, and develop a love of learning. Nesbit Elementary School is committed to equipping our students with the tools they need for academic, personal and social success.




    Nesbit's Awards

    cds img.jpg

    Achieved in 1996, 2008 and 2014.


    A 2015 Kent Award Recipient.


    2014-2018 Columbia University TCRWP Project School