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Healthy Classroom Celebrations

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Healthy Classroom Celebrations

Many parents like to bring in a food treat to celebrate their child’s birthday.  To help us have healthy classroom celebrations throughout the year that follow the district’s Wellness Policy, please bring in foods and snacks that are lower in sugar, fat and calories.  Instead, please bring in foods that are high in nutrition that will enable your child to do their very best while in school.  Foods to not bring for celebrations include cupcakes with frosting, candy, cakes, and other high in sugar foods.  Instead, bring in foods such as 100% fruit popsicles or bars, fruit kabobs, frozen yogurts, mini-bags and cream cheese, fruit trays, popcorn, veggies, angel food cake with fruit, trail mix, graham crackers, apple sauce, tube yogurts and baked tortilla chips with salsa. 

You may also choose to celebrate your child’s birthday with non-food items such as stickers, washable tattoos, erasers, pencils, superballs, yoyos, coloring pencils or bookmarks.  Another option is to make a donation to your child’s classroom in your child’s name!  Teachers appreciate donations of books, jump ropes, hula hoops, basketballs, footballs, nerf balls and board games.