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Class Assignments


Your child's assignment will be available typically the Monday before school starts.  Every year, parents ask the question, “How did my child get placed in that class?”  In the spring of each year, the classroom teachers, as grade level teams, discuss each child to make placement recommendations for the following year.  Teachers examine the academic, social and emotional needs of each child prior to making their recommendations.  For incoming TK and Kindergarten classes, teachers generally have an opportunity to meet incoming students at a summer play date.  Based upon information they gather at this play date, class lists are determined.

Several other factors are taken into consideration for class placement including the following:

  • Gender:  Is there a balance of boys and girls in each class?
  • Ethnicity:  Does each class reflect the diversity of all the children in that grade?
  • Learning Needs:  Does each class reflect the range of learners, from independent to needing special support?  Does each class reflect the range of academic abilities?
  • Individual Relationships:  Does each child have a friend?  Are there possibilities for new friendships?  Will the social dynamics of the class work to foster a positive learning environment?  Twins will be separated – please email to learn more about Nesbit’s policy of doing so.
  • Classroom Environment:  Is there a good match between the child’s learning style and the classroom environment?
  • Parent Participation:  Does each class have parents who are interested in and able to help with in-class activities?

Ultimately, our first priority is to assure that all classrooms are well-balanced in order to assure the best possible learning environment for all.  As a result, parent requests for teachers are not accepted.